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Carben Tec Enhances Fleet Solutions Portfolio

Carben Tec Enhances Fleet Solutions Portfolio

December 9, 2021 | ConMet

Vancouver, WA | Dec 09, 2021 – ConMet Digital is pleased to announce its partnership with Carben Tec, a trusted fleet solutions provider. The partnership incorporates ConMet Digital’s entire suite of products and data services into the Carben Tec portfolio.

Backed by more than 50 years of ConMet’s advanced wheel end expertise and the latest in data analytics, the ConMet Digital portfolio includes the PreSet Plus® SmartHub™, SmartAir™ TPMS, SmartAir™ Axle Load, and SmartAir™ Line Pressure health monitoring systems for both tractors and trailers. Through proprietary algorithms, raw data collected from ConMet Digital telematics devices are transformed into actionable insights, detecting anomalies, and triggering alerts before a vehicle ends up on the side of the road, offline, or damaged beyond repair.

“Our vision as a company is to build ease into our customers’ businesses, and ConMet Digital is an integral part of that,” said Chris Luque, Founder and CEO of Carben Tec. “The rich data insights from ConMet Digital equip our customers to make the best decisions for their fleets, enhancing their operations and significantly increasing safety.”

Carben Tec is a fleet solutions company that tailors IoT hardware and data services to improve public safety, liability mitigation, and business structure. They are skilled in integrating with existing fleet software to build new on-suite solutions as a fleet grows.

To connect decision-makers quickly and easily to the actionable intelligence they need, precisely when they need it, Carben Tec offers ConMet Digital insights through a third-party add-on application in the MyGeotab platform. Carben Tec comes aboard as ConMet Digital's sixth TSP (telematics service provider) partner and is the second to adopt the entire suite of ConMet Digital products.

"ConMet and Carben Tec share a commitment to innovation and technology-based solutions," said Paul Washicko, Vice President and General Manager of ConMet Digital. "We look forward to working together toward our common goal of advancing the safety and efficiency of the commercial vehicle industry."

About Carben Tec

Founded in 2015, Carben Tec is a trusted, family-owned fleet solutions provider. Carben Tec offers business development and technology-based business solutions that include state-of-the-art GPS tracking software, ELD compliance solutions, in-vehicle cameras, ruggedized tablets, and much more. With a focus on innovative technology, safety, and providing an exceptional customer experience, Carben Tec outfits fleets of all sizes with the right equipment and service to optimize their operations. Carben Tec is an authorized Geotab reseller.

About ConMet

ConMet, a division of Amsted Industries, is a leading global supplier of wheel hubs, aluminum castings, and structural plastics to original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket channels in the commercial vehicle industry. Founded in 1964, ConMet innovation has been critical in designing, engineering, and manufacturing revolutionary technologies for trucks and trailers. Today, ConMet products are standard equipment on most heavy-duty vehicles in North America and have a growing footprint worldwide.

ConMet is committed to creating products and services that align with critical customer needs. The development of more efficient products, processes, and technology that transform the way customers run and maintain their vehicles is central to ConMet's vision.

About ConMet Digital

ConMet Digital was established in 2019 to advance ConMet's innovation on IoT (Internet of Things) for heavy-duty vehicles. The growing team has decades of experience across telematics, data science, wireless communications, and cloud computing. Together with the unmatched commercial vehicle expertise and support of ConMet, ConMet Digital provides holistic, actionable insights into the tractor-trailer ecosystem to help fleets improve operations.

Megan Vincent, Marketing Manager | ConMet
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