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How Fleets Leverage Digital Technology to Maximize Safety Efforts

How Fleets Leverage Digital Technology to Maximize Safety Efforts

October 25, 2022 | ConMet

The rise of digital technology in today’s trucking industry is helping fleets maximize the effectiveness of their safety and compliance efforts. In addition to the top concern of the wellbeing of drivers, loads, and customers, fleets cannot ignore compliance issues that can lead to missed or late deliveries and potentially expensive fines. Through powerful, connected systems, real-time data can empower fleets to act on critical maintenance needs well before a dangerous on-highway event or a fine is incurred due to a failed inspection.

Monitoring critical components of safe operation
Tires are one of the most common sources of roadside events and non-compliance. Maintaining the proper tire pressure is critical to the integrity of the tire and the safe, efficient operation of the vehicle. Underinflation can cause sidewall damage, casing failures, and tread release, while overinflation leads to abnormal tread wear and reduced tire life. Connected devices that measure tire pressure in real-time allow fleets to quickly identify and correct over- or underinflation and tire leaks. Additionally, wheel end sensors that can detect abnormal vibrations have been proven to uncover minor tire flat spots and dual tire differences that can also impact fuel efficiency and overall tire life.

Another critical safety component of a commercial vehicle is the emergency brake system, which relies on air pressure to release the brakes. The manner in which assets are stored or simple errors can lead to insufficient air pressure, including line disconnection, line kinks, line damage, insect and debris intrusion, or ice blockage. Several of these issues can easily go unnoticed to the naked eye, but line pressure monitoring devices can help mitigate the risk of resulting brake drag from stuck parking brakes. Sensor technology can provide line pressure alerts during pre-trip and while on the road. So, as soon as the pressure drops, the driver can be notified and take action quickly to remedy the situation.

As one of the most complex systems on the vehicle, the wheel hub can have the most devastating impact when a failure occurs. Wheel hub failures can have a number of root causes: bearing wear, lubricant contamination, low lubrication level, and excessive end play, to name a few. When the vibration and temperature of the hub is actively monitored, algorithms can be used to determine when it is time to inspect or service the hub well in advance of hub failure. This early detection can play an important role for any fleet, but especially those carrying very heavy loads or making many stops each day, where hub wear is the greatest and hub failure can be the most costly.

“Nuclear Verdicts” and the escalating need for data
Today's fleets are facing more pressure than ever to further enhance their safety and compliance efforts - and be able to prove it. "Nuclear verdicts," for example, are court cases often centered around lack of equipment maintenance that result in motor carriers paying over $10 million in damages, which can be a crippling loss to a fleet. Connected technology puts real-time actionable intelligence in the hands of drivers and dispatchers, allowing fleets to modernize their maintenance procedures and take action to avoid accidents that lead to these types of cases. Moreover, the data gathered can help fleets demonstrate compliance and accountability.

Supporting a fleet’s commitment to safety
By combining nearly 60 years of proven expertise in the commercial vehicle industry with cutting-edge telematics and data science, ConMet Digital provides actionable intelligence that empowers fleets to make better, more precise maintenance decisions and ultimately strengthen their safety efforts.

Products like PreSet Plus® SmartHub™, SmartAir™ TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system), and SmartAir™ line pressure monitoring are helping fleets simplify pre- and post-trip inspections and giving drivers peace of mind while on the road. ConMet Digital allows fleets to integrate data trend reports and telematics alerts into their daily procedures to ensure critical issues are recognized and action is taken when necessary. Plus, ConMet Digital technical account managers keep fleets connected and provide expert consultation to ensure the data is used to its fullest potential.

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VANCOUVER, WA | by Isaac Otto, Product Manager, ConMet Digital