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ConMet Releases Service Videos to Share 60 Years of Wheel-End Expertise

ConMet Releases Service Videos to Share 60 Years of Wheel-End Expertise

March 19, 2024 | ConMet

VANCOUVER, Wash. — Mar. 19, 2024 — ConMet, the industry leader in wheel-end technology for 60 years, is excited to announce the release of their new series of service videos. The ConMet Service Video Series is designed to share ConMet’s years of expertise with industry technicians and skilled service personnel, providing them with valuable knowledge and guidance.

In the ConMet Service Video Series, viewers will have the opportunity to learn the basics of standard service and maintenance procedures for ConMet components. The videos cover a range of topics including wheel hub identification, PreSet Plus® hub assembly replacement, hub lubrication, and others. By watching these videos, technicians and service personnel can enhance their skills and ensure the proper care and maintenance of ConMet components.

As the industry leader in wheel-end technology, ConMet understands the importance of providing valuable resources to industry professionals. By sharing their expertise through service videos, ConMet aims to support technicians and service personnel in their day-to-day work. These videos will equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to maintain and service ConMet components effectively, ultimately improving the performance and longevity of these vital wheel-end parts.

"ConMet is thrilled to share its extensive industry knowledge in the form of service videos," said Nick Tosie, National Service Director for ConMet. "We recognize the value in providing customers and technicians with accessible resources to enhance their knowledge and proficiency in servicing ConMet components."

The service videos are accessible through the ConMet YouTube channel. Whether you're a technician looking to enhance your skills, or a customer interested in learning more about ConMet components, these videos offer a convenient and informative resource.

The videos released now are the first three of the series. The company has plans to release additional videos throughout the year covering a variety of common service and maintenance procedures for ConMet components. Future topics will include seals, bearings, inspection procedures, and more, ensuring that viewers have a comprehensive understanding of ConMet products.

"At ConMet, we believe in providing our industry's workforce with the tools and knowledge they need. These videos are more than just tutorials; they connect ConMet's legacy of innovation with the hands-on expertise of technicians and service personnel," said Roger Maye, Director of Technical Service at ConMet. "By making these resources available, we aim to foster a community of highly skilled professionals who are as passionate about wheel-end technology as we are."

ConMet has been the trusted leader in wheel-end technology for 60 years. While the company has long offered in-person and online training, the release of these service videos allows ConMet to share its years of expertise with even more technicians and service personnel across the industry.

Users can view the videos on ConMet’s YouTube channel.

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