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Seamless Fleet Efficiency

The TruckWings® tractor-mounted aerodynamic device closes the gap between the tractor and trailer to increase fuel efficiency and improve stability.

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metric tons of carbon emissions eliminated annually per truck

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proven fuel savings with 18-24 month average ROI


miles of life expectancy

Seamless Integration

Simple installation

TruckWings devices are available for both new builds and retrofits with a quick 2-hour installation time.

Enhanced Driver Experience

TruckWings technology reduces buffeting and trailer sway in crosswinds. The device automatically retracts below 50 mph, when too close to the trailer, and when no trailer is detected.

Low Maintenance

TruckWings components are designed for easy removal and replacement. Low maintenance needs align with fleets' preventative maintenance schedules.

Real-Time Data

Each truck is equipped with a cloud-connected telematics device for real-time data, including uptime reporting.

TruckWings on Semi Tractor Truck day cab with color selection of black, green, red and blue

Increased efficiency regardless of the tractor-trailer configuration

TruckWings technology seamlessly adapts to any truck configuration, including day cabs, sleeper cabs, and reefer combinations, regardless of the fuel type — be it diesel, CNG, hydrogen, or electric.

Aerodynamics at a Glance

“TruckWings ran without any issues and the fuel economy results came in above what we were promised.”

Mike Plasencia, Group Director of RyderVentures and New Product Strategy at Ryder

“The TruckWings product has shown to provide major savings on day cabs, equating to 826 gallons of fuel and 8.41 metric tons CO2 for a tractor traveling 125,000 miles annually.”

Daryl Bear, Lead Engineer and Chief Operating Officer of MVT Solutions

"The fuel savings from TruckWings devices can be considered significant. The amount of CNG saved is the equivalent of 1,088 gallons of diesel. That translates to about 8.77 metric tons of CO2 for a tractor traveling 125,000 miles annually."

Daryl Bear, Lead Engineer and Chief Operating Officer of MVT Solutions

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